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My name it Katie Walter and in December 2009 I became the Youngest Person to walk to the South Pole. I walked the final 112 miles and In doing so completed Shackleton's Unfinished journey.

I took on this massive challenge in order to raise money for my two charities:
-Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Air Ambulance
-Dyslexia Action
Another reason for doing this was to prove that age does not stop you from achieving amazing things.

This website is now to show not only my expedition but also the things that the expedition has lead to. 

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This is a picture of me at St Paul's Cathedral, I was invited here for Captains Scott's memorial. 

If you would like to contact me regarding anything to do with my expedition or regarding booking me to do a speaking event please email me on:


Fiona Thornewill MBE

Fiona Thornewill has offered to be my patron for this expedition. She was the first woman British woman to ski to the North and South pole. She and her husband Mike were the first couple to ski to the North and South pole together.


I managed to raise the 30,000 (aprox) needed for the expedition as well as about another 6,000 for my two charities


March 08 Hi, i thought i would let you all know how I am doing so far. Well, I have raised 13,200  and  am doing well.

September 08 - I have now raised Just over 16,000 so am well on the way.  Training is going well, I am now pulling two landrover tyres around the lanes which is hard work, am also playing a lot of hockey and netball as well as running when I get time.

January 2009 - Hi everyone and a Happy New Year, things are still going well, I have now raised just over 24,000 so a big thank you to all my sponsors.  I am still training hard and am going to Norway in February for five days for some Arctic Training.  I am also studying hard as I have my mock GCSE's at the beginning of January so the majority of my efforts will be going into this over the next few weeks.    I have a facebook group set up called 'katie to southpole 2009' if you would like to sign on.  Will be in touch again after I get back from Norway, hopefully with some great photos.

February 2009         Just go back from Norway, had a fantastic time, we stayed at Finse.
It was my first experience of the cold and although it was not as cold as the Antarctic it was a good opportunity to test all my equipment.

April 2009       Fund raising still going well, I now have just over 26,000 which is great but am still in need of another 8,000 so if anyone has any ideas please let me know.  We are having another dance in June (see separate page) if it is as good as last year it wiill be great.  Probably wont update now until the end of June as my GCSE's are due to start in next couple of weeks and all my spare time will be spent revising.

July 2009 - Finally finished all GCSE's (now just have to wait for results) Had fantastic Barn Disco again in June and raised just over 1,100 which was great.  Thank you to everyone who came, I hope they all enjoyed themselves. Fund raising has slowed a bit and I am still about 4,000 behing what I need (it varies day to day as have to pay in dollars).  My training is still going well, have just signed up for a 11k run in September so that gives me something to aim for.  Am also still pulling my tyre or should I say tyres as have now increased it to two!!!!  I think that the time is now going to go very quickly, My aim before I go back to school in September is to finalise all my kit so that will be one less thing to think about.   

Everything is now booked so there is now turning back.  We have paid ALE the deposit which is non refundable and also all accommodation in Chile has been confirmed.  We are flying out of Heathrow on the evening of Thursday 10th December and should get to Chile a couple of days later.  Hopefully all going well we should be back to Heathrow on 8th January.

September 2009 - Well, after an extremely busy summer either working, training or fund raising I am now back at school and in Lower sixth, fortunately I got the exam results I needed and am studying Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Design Technology for A level, it seems really strange not wearing school uniform.  

It is now just over 13 weeks until we go and I am sure that it will go very quickly, I had my fitness test with Mike in July which went well thank goodness and I have kept up my fitness during the summer running and cycling so have come back to school fitter than I have ever been which will be good for the hockey season.

I appeared in Glamour Magazine aswel as a number of other media papers, but Glamour was the one that my friends at college were most excited about.

I now have the majority of my kit, just the odd pair of gloves and socks to get which I hope to get during half term in October, I am also going up to Edinburgh in October to see Baillie Gifford (my main sponsors) to meet some of the people there, I have already met Michelle Campbell when I sent to London in August but it will be nice to meet the others.

January 2010

Well I'm back and I have had a fantastic time.  As you can see from my diary updates that mum did whilst I was away, We managed to get to the South Pole three days early and arrived on New Years day which was amazing.

I am now back at school and working towards my AS levels in the summer, I am taking Design Technology, physics and chemistry as well as taking maths A level as I am hoping to take Further maths next year.

Year 2010

For the remained of this year I was busy doing final presentations to my sponsors thanking them for the support they gave me to help me achieve my goal.

I was given the role of Deputy Head Girl at my school, Worksop College. I also continued with my A-Levels, Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I started applying to Universities as well.

This year was the hardest year so far as I found it very difficult to have a major high followed by an extreme low. I was glad to have my family around me close to help me with this difficulty.

Year 2011

My final year of College!!!

During this year I started my charity work again and organised a major fundraising event to raise money for the restoration of Scott's Hut on Antarctica. I managed to raise 450 for this charity. My college has a link to this as they provided the Sleeping bag for a geologist for Scotts original Terra Nova expedition.

I was also still doing talks/presentations to local groups and charities about my expedition. 

I managed to achieve my grades and get a place at Hull University doing Mechanical Engineering.

Year 2012

I have just finished my first year at uni and I achieved a 1st!!

I was also nominated to carry to Olympic torch (more information can be found on the Olympic Torch Page).

I continue to tell my story to anyone who wants to book me and listen to me, I also have been to various events with my torch giving people the opportunity to see it up close and in person.

Talk soon

Many thanks for your continued support



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